Aspen Cancer is a cancer and health blog that aims to educate, offer support, and answer questions. We started this blog because of the effect that cancer had in our own lives. Every person who writes for this blog has either had cancer, still have it, or have a friend or family member who has been diagnosed. Not all of our loved ones are with us anymore and that is why we felt the need to create this blog.

We serve a community of people who are living with cancer as well as family and friends who are searching for help and answers. Our posts aim to educate on different health and cancer-related topics. We are also open to answering questions – any questions – even the ones you don’t want the answers to.

Our writers have experience in dealing with cancer patients and some are health care professionals. We try to cover as many helpful topics as we can. We also update you on new developments or trials that show promise for future treatment. Our blog is here to help you through whatever it is that you are going through. We are here to walk the road with you.

Please ask us any questions that you feel need answering. There may be someone else who also wants to know but cannot ask it themselves.