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Healthy Living Guidelines for Cancer Patients Before, During and After Treatment to Improve Recovery Odds and Rates

With treatment and healthy living, cancer can go into remission. This means that it is no longer active in the body and all cancer cells are gone. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the cancer will not return. However, there are things that can be done to live a healthier life and make it more difficult for cancer cells to grow. The best practice is to live healthy during treatment as well as when you are in remission. Follow these tips to keep healthy.

Healthy diet. Eating healthy means that your body receives all the necessary nutrients and vitamins that help it fight illness. Your body will also need to build up some strength after treatments. Treatments like chemotherapy can be very harsh on the body. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a must. Try to avoid processed and high-fat foods.

Exercise. Keeping active is essential for being healthy. Your body needs to move to help reduce anxiety and fatigue, improve the health of your heart, maintain a healthy weight, and build muscle strength. You should check with your doctor which exercises you can and cannot do. Simple exercise like walking for 30 minutes everyday will more often than not be sufficient.

Deal with emotions. Cancer treatments, the journey during and after cancer can be very taxing and emotional. Having a good support team will do wonders. Family and friends are there to support you. You can also join a support group and write down what you are feeling in a journal.

No smoking. If you are a smoker, now would be a good time to quit and avoid secondhand smoke. This will help your body recover faster.

Sun protection. Stay out of the sun and when you need to be in the sun, wear a sunscreen of at least SPF 30. Hats, scarves, and umbrellas are also handy to protect your skin.

The doctors. Keep in touch with your health care team. They are there to help you and arrange check-ups and check for signs of cancer coming back.

These guidelines should be practiced before, during and after treatments to increase the chance and rate of recovery.

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